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 Start Your Own Business!
Offer FREE and PAID advertising to your customers and your list!

Join our group as a VIP member and introduce other VIP members.
Earn ad credits and use them to place classified or banner ads for
your customers on our website. You can charge a fee for any ad
you sell. You can make as many sales as you like and keep all 
the money. If you make 10 banner ad sales per day at $10 per
banner, you will earn $100 per day... 20 ads = $200 per day!

Provide businesses with FREE advertising if they give a discount
of 5% and up to 30% or more to our members on their purchases.
We give you 1 SuperSaver Card ($20 value) for every 5 new business you
get for us that would give our members a discount on their purchases.

TheSuperSaver VIP members get 1 SuperSaver Card ($20 value) for each new business they get for us that would give our members a discount.

TheSuperSaver VIP members you can have people getting
new businesses for them and pay with 1 SuperSaver Card
minimum ($20 value) for every 5 businesses their people
get for them that participate in our discount program
($4 for each business)

TheSuperSaver VIP members can also have people sell the
discount cards and split the profits with them on a 50/50 basis
OR TheSuperSaver VIP members can set their own price.

It's your cash business and will repeat year after year!


The first thing you must do is to become a VIP member or
a FREE member for TheSuperSaver program under your
sponsor or upline. You will be provided with all the info
and promotional material you need for your business.

Then, you start within your own neighborhood, getting all
the businesses to participate in our program by giving
a discount to TheSuperSaver card holding members.

We give 1 SuperSaver discount card to our VIP members
for each business they get to participate in our program
by their own effort or by their network of free members.
Sell cards to the people in your own neighborhood that
will be shopping in the businesses that participate
in giving a discount to their own neighbors...
(Provide people with a list of participating businesses in the area)

                  The businesses win by keeping the people local... WIN!!
                  The card holding members get discounts locally... WIN!!
                  TheSuperSaver VIP members and their network of
                    free members will make a profit by selling cards
                    to their neighborhood customers year after year... WIN!!

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