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Increase Your Bottom Line! 
Join TheSuperSaver Partner Program Concept! 
The concept includes an easy three-step process: Profile/SignUp, Display Setup and Web
Advertisement with information about your business and give your potential customers
a discount when they make a purchase from your business. 
You build loyalty and awareness of your products, providing your customers with a fun
and easy way to save money on their everyday shopping. In addition, TheSuperSaver
Partner Program will provide you with an additional source of revenue, selling our
TheSuperSaver Cards to your customers and earn an additional $5 to $15 profit from 
every card you sell to your customers.  
Your customers buy TheSuperSaver Card from you for $20 and you give them a 
discount on future purchases. As Simple As That!  You decide the discount you
give to your customers for their loyalty and repeat business.  
Plus... your customers will have access to many more discounts in your area that 
would make buying the card easy. 
We will keep your advertisement online for one year and renew it every year after
that... FREE OF CHARGE... for as long as you give a discount to our membership.  
We will provide an online information website (soon to be a Shopping Mall) that 
incentivizes your customers to spend more time and money on your business and 
other businesses in your area.  
TheSuperSaver Partner Program offers the following features and benefits:   
Discounts to our members of:  5%, 10%, 20%, 30%.  Businesses can give any 
discount they like to their customers and TheSuperSaver members.  
Our Partner Plan helps companies and organizations take advantage of this simple
proposition. Partners are given an advertisement on our group of websites. The 
customers are directed to see the products and services and make purchase from
your business.  
The Partner makes more sales and the members save money shopping from the 
business that are listed on our websites. The Partner Program helps companies 
and organizations monetize their current database and build loyalty and retention 
without conflicting with their core business. 
The Partner Program serves all market sectors and industries from financial 
institutions to telecommunications; any company or organization can incorporate 
our program to increase revenue from their existing customers. We provide a 
mechanism for non-profit organizations to introduce a new funding avenue 
consistent with their brand and image and supplements existing fundraising efforts
in many countries around the world.

Join TheSuperSaver Club TODAY! 
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