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The Super Saver provides access to a large network of great discounts in the 
worldwide marketplace  including the internet and your local retailers. 
The Super Saver Cards provide savings at 1000s locations worldwide to over 
1,750,000 card holders.  
The Super Saver Cards give our distributors a unique opportunity to make money 
selling the cards and building a worldwide sales network working from home. 
Our role is to manage the relationships with the card holders and grow the 
discount program by adding new retailers.  
We like to partner with other companies to make these discounts and unique 
opportunity available to their customers and membership as well. 
Your customers and friends can benefit from the 1000s of discounts they get with 
The Super Saver Cards and can also generate an income with minimum effort and 
This is the right time to start a new worldwide business that requires minimum 
effort and out of pocket expense.    
And this is just the beginning. When you become a distributor of TheSuperSaver
you are opening the door to an opportunity that has unlimited income potential.  
You can start your own network of distributors that would make the sales for you. 
You can have a network of distributors that would register new businesses for you. 
You can participate in other ventures that we are working on... like our  
Commercial Real Estate acquisitions and Development program. 
This is your turn to become financially independent...... 
Take advantage of this opportunity today....  
Phone:                                905.581.9858 - 424.244.6404
Email:                                 support@thesupersaver.com
Program one website:           http://peoplesplan.ireadgroup.com
Program two website:           http://TheSuperSaver.com  

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